As an IT Director or Manager, WhiteStone can help you…

Let’s face it, managing IT can be a thankless task. When it works, it’s taken for granted, but when anything stops working for more than 30 seconds, it’s all your fault!

It can often feel like the effort involved in maintaining and delivering that critical functionality, day in day out, isn’t appreciated; especially if you are on your own.

We can help by offering expertise and support so that between us, we can catch and resolve issues before services are affected and users experience down time.

We’ve been there! Freezing in a server room at all hours, fighting to fix a downed server or failed service. We know how it feels and when you find yourself in these situations, we can offer experience and expertise to resolve the problem, and so that you’re not alone!

Users are not fond of change, but with the ever-changing IT landscape, change is necessary and frequent.  Staying up to speed with current technologies and ensuring your systems provide the functionality your users demand falls to you. We can help with IT strategy, allowing you to make the right decisions and smoothing delivery, so that users might welcome rather than resist change.

One off project requiring some additional expertise or resource to plan or implement?

We can help you. Constantly involved and delivering new and varied projects, covering an array of technologies, hardware and software; the chances are we will have the real-world experience, testing facilities, knowledge and skills relevant to your project and can help you avoid the pitfalls. Save time and feel confident in a successful project implementation by using us to share the load.

Purchasing new hardware or software whilst keeping within a budget?

We can help you. With access to suppliers and distribution channels reserved for IT service providers, we can often match or improve on regular pricing.  We can assist with finance options, leasing or subscription licensing to spread costs and deliver up to date functionality in a timely manner.

Time to enjoy your holiday rather than being attached to your phone?

You might not always feel appreciated, but they miss you when you’re not there! That mobile solution which you implemented means you are now contactable 24/7, even on your holiday. We sympathise and there is nothing worse than waiting for the dreaded call or email of doom. We provide holiday cover to be there for your users should any problems arise whilst you are away. It’s a win-win for you; your users are happy and you can enjoy your well-deserved break.

If you would like to discuss any of our services and how we can help make your life easier and less stressful, then please get in touch. We can give you call or come to your business or if you would like to see our operation please arrange a meeting at our offices in Fordingbridge, Hampshire. Alternatively fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

If you would like help with day to day IT support or with a project, WhiteStone are here to help you through these important decisions


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