Outsource your IT to WhiteStone to improve operations and cut expenses

“Why would I do that? A member of my staff already looks after our IT despite not being their actual job role. We get two job roles for one. We don’t need you.”

This is a common misconception and not likely to be true. Typically, we find that when IT is being looked after by a member of staff, who isn’t qualified, IT in general doesn’t run as smoothly as it should. If the IT role isn’t your member of staffs’ primary role, then their time would be better spent carrying out their actual job, which makes your business money rather than attempting to resolve IT problems. As a business owner, maybe you are responsible for looking after the IT for your organisation; it’s your business and you want to have control over all aspects. We understand the reasoning behind this, however your time is better spent driving your business rather than fixing IT problems; let WhiteStone manage your IT, whilst you maintain control.

“Our IT is looked after by a dedicated member of staff, who is certified and IT is their primary job role…we don’t need you.”

This maybe correct but we can still help. We find that we are far better value for money when compared to the salary of one IT engineer.  For the cost of one engineer you have a team of certified engineers, who have up to date training plus an account manager, who do not have days off due to illness or holidays.

“Our IT is looked after well by the members of our IT department and we are happy. We don’t need you.”

That is great: you have a member(s) of staff who are good at their job. We know that good IT people are hard to come by. However, we can still help with illness cover, holiday cover and with IT projects.

“Ok maybe we might need you. But who is WhiteStone?”

If you would like to discuss any of our services and how we can help your business, then please get in touch. We can give you call or come to your business or if you would like to see our operation please arrange a meeting at our offices in Fordingbridge, Hampshire. Alternatively fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

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