Backup & Disaster RecoveryWe design and implement strategies to protect systems and data whether on premise or in the cloud

Let’s face it, backups aren’t an interesting topic, but when it comes to your businesses data, there is nothing more important.


The importance of a backup strategy may not be apparent until a real-life scenario is encountered i.e. a user deletes a file and needs to be restored, malicious software has compromised your data and needs to be restored, server failure requires rebuild and data needs to be restored. Therefore, your backup strategy need to be treated with just the same importance as any other key services.

Using backup products such as Veeam, Sky Kick and Backup Exec, WhiteStone provide backup strategies for on premise and cloud based solutions. We also know that just having a backup strategy in place is no good if backups aren’t monitored and tested regularly. Therefore, as part of our MSP responsibilities we monitor backups daily to make sure they are successful and carryout regular test restores to make sure the backups are useable.

Part of a backup strategy should include a disaster recovery (DR) plan. What would happen in the event of a disaster? How accessible is your data? How quickly can you recover from a disaster? What are your key systems? How long can you afford your business to be out of action? Its only when question like this are posed that the importance of being able to answer them by having a Disaster Recovery plan become quickly apparent.

A Disaster recovery plan will contain many elements, but in the past, were limiting for many small and midsize businesses. They simple could not afford DR solutions that would keep their businesses running if a disaster shut down their office. Today Microsoft Azure Site Recovery allows WhiteStone IT to offer small and midsize businesses enterprise company disaster protection at small company prices.

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